Thursday, October 16, 2014

Henderson Pond

This pond is difficult to reach by foot.  The bus stop is at the bottom of a long and very steep walk.
It made me think of the Olympic ski trails  I have skied.  The climb started across the street from the Passaic
river and took more than thirty minutes to reach the summit!

That was the easy part  of reaching this pond.  I had to bushwhack once I reached the park.
There is no marked trail to reach the pond on the north side of the park.  Fortunately,
I was a boy scout during my youth; reading terrain and walking in a forest is fun. 

It was a cloudy afternoon and there was no wind.  Looking north across the pond.

I walked around the shore of Henderson Pond looking for signs of fish activity.  It appeared
that fish were not in a feeding mode.  I fished nymphs, streamers and had no takes.

There are plenty of deer near and around the Passaic River area.   The deer are relatively tame.
This one stopped and allowed me to take several flash photos.

More deer crossing an open area near the pond

A closer view of a deer out in the open area

This is an uphill view of Rose Place.  This street is very steep and keeps getting steeper
right up to the top which cannot be seen in the picture.

This is the downhill view of Rose Place.  The car with it's head lights own is at the very bottom
of the hilly street.

In this corner of the pond I thought I saw the shadow of a feeding carp but I was not able to confirm this.
The pond is reported to have panfish and pickerel.

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