Friday, October 17, 2014

Sheldrake Lake

This place was the reservoir for the town of Larchmont at one time.

It is feed by the Sheldrake River.  After the water leaves here it flows south into Garden Lake.
Garden Lake was being dredged during my visit; so I didn't get to fish it.  The lake water level was low
too.  I suspect it has bass.  Another fisher said it has crappie.  I saw a few fish jumping but I saw no one catching anything

Sheldrake Lake is a body of water located in the north-eastern section of New Rochelle, New York in Westchester County. It has a surface area of 25 acres and formerly served as the water supply for the neighboring Village of Larchmont. The lake is the result of Larchmont Water Company Dam #2 on the Sheldrake River. The dam, constructed in 1935, is masonry with a height of 31 feet and a length of 1000 feet. The dam has a maximum discharge is 987 cubic feet per second and drains an area of 2.66 square miles.

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