Friday, July 31, 2015

Carp on dry flies

There is nothing as exciting as being able to cast a dry fly to a carp feeding on the surface
Patience, accuracy and stealth must be matched to a particular fish's feeding.

Some of my favorite places to catch carp on the surface feeding are in New Jersey.
Tom, the terminator (catches more than 500 carp each season) had given me a bag
of dry dog food to use as chum.  The heat of the summer had begun to take it's toll on the lake.
gobs of green moss like growth had begun to clump on the lake surface.  But fish were
 actively feeding and it didn't take long for the carp to start eating the dog food I scattered
 on the lake.

Recently I have had carp refuse my dry flies, no matter what size or color.  I thought about
 this for a while and came to the conclusion that something about my deer hair flies is
making it easier for carp to see the difference between real food and my fake flies.  I believe
it is the subtle movement  of floating food as opposed to a fly that is attached to a tippet.
So I attached my fly to the  tippet using the non slip knot and fish took notice by accepting
the deer hair once again.  I hooked four carp but lost three just before I could land them.
I hope this is a permanent solution to carp that refuse my deer hair flies.

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