Friday, July 24, 2015

Clove Lake, carp eating midges on the surface

Carp had already starting to eat midges by the time I reached Clove Lakes.  It was like watching the hot dog eating contest at Coney Island with pushing and shoving!

I have only witnessed this type of feeding once before. There used to be a hatch like this
in Prospect Park Lake.  Every evening at 6:00pm, bluegills and crappie would eat
just below the surface like this.

I counted about thirty fish, swimming and eating in groups of five and six.

They moved within a few feet of the shore and back out to the middle of the lake.  They
gorged themselves with unseen delicacies and ignoring everything else.

I fished a nymph pattern (#20) under a dry fly but apparently it was too big.

I had a small area in which to stalk but this is typical of urban fly fishing.  In spite
of the trees and bushes, I was able to put my fly on the lake (about a 20 foot side arm cast).

Note the tip of my rod between the the leaves on the left.

I stood the whole time in water up to my ankles , wet feet trying to catch carp on a fly!

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