Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fishing in The Pond at Central Park

Central Park has five fisheries within its borders.  The Pond , near 59th street, is one of
those waters.  It looks peaceful in this picture but during the day, it is filled with people
wanting to experience the beauty of Central Park.

It has a healthy population of Bass and Bluegills.  Pickeral and carp are here too.
This picture shows fish suspended in the water on a warm spring afternoon.

On the other side of the bridge is the famous Central Park ice skating rink.

I fished from this rock out cropping.  It took me awhile to determine what fly worked the best.

A pheasant tail got lots of attention this afternoon.

I didn't see any crappie but they are here too.

And the big surprise the afternoon was catching this large Golden Shiner on a pheasant tail
I used my Airrite Stream fiberglass fly rod, with a Franco Vivarelli carbon fiber  semi automatic fly reel  The fly rod is a 6 piece, six foot six inch, 2 weight.   A great rod for the panfish in The pond.
I've caught several carp with it too!  Same setup.

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