Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fly Fishing The Pool, in Central Park

I walked to The Pool at 100th street to fish for "club size" bass.  This pool has a bunch of bass that range from eight to twelve inches long.  I have named them "club  size bass".  They can be fun when they attack top water flies.  There are larger bass and other fish in the pool but the "club " size bass are my reason for fishing here.  I brought my 2 weight fly rod.

My first fish was a mature Bluegill.  He put up an excellent fight on the 2 weight! I used a wet fly
there was no top water action today.  Most people including New Yorkers don't know that Central Park has five five different fisheries.   The pond at 59th street, The Loeb lake at 72nd street,
Turtle pond near 80th street, The pool and The Meer at 110th street.

This is one of the"club size bass"

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