Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fly Fishing for carp in The Meer

I went up to The Meer in Central Park.  I have never caught a carp in the park's north end lake.
There are some really big carp, Grass Carp and Koi swimming in The Meer,  Unfortunately, the lake has begun to grow algae due to poor water circulation.

Normally, I like to fish here for large bluegills and crappie during the month of April.  However,this past April I was sitting on the shore line in Prospect Park trying to catch carp in that lake.

Looking from west to east you can see the surface of the lake is covered with vegetation.

Here is a closer look at the slop.  Fish were tailing here but the green stuff went all the way down to the bottom of the lake.

 I used a traditional carp hair rig with artificial corn.  If you look closely you can see my tungsten
1.6 split shot used to anchor the corn about 2 inches off the bottom.  It is to the right of the corn.

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