Sunday, May 15, 2016

Making carp pellets

I used to use corn pellets made by a company called RoyalCarp.  They made some of the best chumming products ever.  They, the pellets, would stimulate carp to eat almost every time they
were used.

Since the company closed, I have searched high and low for a replacement product to use.  Unfortunately, many similar carp products are not available here in America.

Luckily there are many,many youtube videos about making carp chum and baits.  I watched as many as I could.  Some videos were very informative and some were a waste of time.  Some of the recipes are complicated.  But as long as you understand the concept you can do this too.  I didn't go down the long road that carpers follow.  No sausage gun no boilee rolling table.  I made my pellets with a few bread punches.  I'm anxious to see if mine attracts carp.

Check YouTube for a recipe.

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