Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fishing Woodlands Lake

I've caught carp in the Saw Mill River before.  This lake is formed where the River collects
near a waterfall.  A few trout have been known to frequent this water.  The theory is that they swim down from where they  still stock trout.

The sun was setting when I finally arrived ( I got lost).  And while the temperature had been like
summer weather in the afternoon, the weather changed to fall conditions and the wind picked up.
I had walked to the park; as a result, I had begun to perspire.   When perspiration meets cooling
breezes, the person perspiring becomes cooler too.  Another layer was needed.  I felt like I was fishing in a meat locker!  After almost two hours of no bites; I left for the train.

I saw no fish activity in the water (Bass,carp, crappie).

Woodlands Lake is on the Saw Mill River in Westchester County, New York and is used for recreation purposes. Construction was completed in 1840. Its normal surface area is 13 acres. It is owned by Westchester County Dept Of Parks and Recreation.

Woodlands Lake Dam is masonry, rock fill. Its height is 20 feet with a length of 200 feet. Its capacity is 87 acre-feet. Normal storage is 87 acre-feet.

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