Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hudson, New york

I went to a spot that I have fished for a number of years.  I caught my first stripper here
on a big flat wing fly at midnight.  This area is a contributory to the Hudson River.  Late at night, after a new moon, Stripe Bass follow prey into the fresh water to eat.  It is eerie fishing because it is pitch black and all I could hear was the sound of my fly rod moving against the wind in the darkness.
Every once and a while a big stripper splashes as it swims past.

But today I was here to chase big carp.  The owner of the boat launch, feeds corn, every morning to a big group of carp the come for breakfast.  A few years ago I managed to hook a monster that snapped my tippet like a tooth pick as it swam into the vegetation.

This day I saw only a group of bass and suckers.  In the past I would fish here in the spring.  At the end of the day I did find two carp lurking in the weeds. 

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