Friday, June 14, 2019

Mini Trout Magnet on a fly rod in Prospect Park

Got the mini trout magnets today.  They come with a 1/200 weight jug head and are
actually made to be fished with a fly rod.

I fished on the Peninsula this afternoon.  The Peninsula is a heavily forested area in
Prospect Park.  Many people get lost here because it appears to be another way to walk
to the eastside of the park.

It is the land that goes no where .  No hills, just trees and walking paths that allow you to enter
 and leave this part of the park.

I managed to hook this "club size bass" (bass that are 8 - 12 inches long)

As I walked I tried fishing any spot of water that was not showing signs of algae growth or duck weed.

Red seem to be the hot color today.

Oh yeah,I managed to sink the Mini Trout Magnet into my ring finger!   I didn't panic
and was able to separate myself from the Mini Trout Magnet, no worse for the wear.

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