Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Alex, a new fly fisher. Alex has been fishing in Prospect Park lake for a few years now.
This year after fishing in the annual Macy's fishing contest; Alex got some fly fishing equipment.
If his success as a young bass fisher is any indication of his potential as a fly fisher, watch out.

Alex has become a member of my " If its Friday its Carp" group. Due to the heat wave here in the New York area on Fridays I head to a river and fish for carp or whatever is active.
So today Alex, the new kid, Dennis, the new carper and myself headed out for some carp on a fly. First stop was Central Park, home of the whoppers. A recent restoration of the main lake, located at 72nd street, revealed that this body of water has a large number of 30 LB carp.
We started near the Bethesda Fountain. This area is usually a slam dunk but not this morning.
Water levels were down due to more restoration work being performed on the plumbing ( this is a man made lake). We packed up and headed to New Jersey to carp there. First stop was the town of Passaic. There is a pond that has a large number of carp. It was hot and sunny. To increase our odds we chummed the carp to the surface to cloop. The result was two LDR (long distance release) and me see my backing for the first time on my ATP 37 fly reel! After twenty minutes or so the boca grip was placed in the mouth of the carp pictured below.

Mid afternoon saw us pack up and head to the mighty Passaic River for some carpin on the river. When we arrived carp were feeding on the surface (clooping). Dennis and Alex tied on some deer hair flies and set to work. My job was to boca grip any carp brought to shore. Alex managed to hook and release his first carp unintentionally. It seems Alex reverted to his technique for setting the hook on Bass and snapped his leader. Oh well we all make mistakes.

Dennis stalking the golden ghosts of the Passaic River

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