Monday, August 20, 2012

Rahway River Park

Finally went to Rahway River Park.  There are bass,carp and BG's plus trout in the river.
It wasn't too humid but the walk was nearly thirty minutes from the train.

Looking south as you arrive at the pond.  There are lily pads on 90% of the shore line.
I saw carp feeding in the south end of the pond.  But the lily pads are more than 10 feet
deep in many places from the shore line.

Next to the pond and parallel to the walking path is the Rahway River; which is stocked
with trout.

Another view of the lily pads.

Weedless is the only way to go here

Looking north at the south end of the pond.  Surprisingly there are no geese & only
a few ducks here.


  1. Ouch. I imagine lily pads are tough to catch carp in. No clear feeding zones and lots of super tough stalks to break you off if you do work it out.

  2. Ditto Bill, I imagine boating or float tubes are a no no?


  3. most urban ponds have rules that do not allow you to enter the water. I use to use my float tube in Jamaica Bay when I fished for stripers. I did hook a nice , big snapping turtle at RRP. It snapped the eight pound tippet & not my rod.