Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adidas compression and recovery wear for Fly Fishers too!

You may have seen that athletes are using compression wear to improve their performance.
Fly Fishers can take advantage of this same technology.  Wading in rivers, hiking to a favorite spot
all take a toll on the body.  For years I have hit the weight room during the winter so that
my body is ready to fish the next season.  As the years pass the ability to do things becomes

For several years I have worn compression shorts while lifting weights.  They really help me
to do more.  Now Adidas has come out with recovery wear.  It is designed to support tired muscle
and allow the muscles to recover faster.  What this means to me is after wearing the recovery wear
I will not be sore the day after a long hike along the river or doing leg presses in the gym.

I recommend the recovery wear even if you have no immediate plan to race Kenyans in the next
Olympics. The compression shorts can be worn when you are wading.  You will feel the difference.
 Put on the Recovery wear on your way home.  Never have heavy tired muscles again.

Recovery: Strategically placed compression zones specifically designed for maximum muscle recovery. Provides heat and moisture management through ventilation while considering sweat zones. Patterned to fit and follow the body in all 360o movements experienced while training. Flat seams for improved comfort. Graphic execution expressing the Stronger theme. 75% polyamide / 25% spandex tricot.

The adidas TECHFIT Recovery Short Tight features strategically placed compression zones that are specifically designed for maximum muscle recovery. Provides heat and moisture through ventilation while considering sweat zones. Patterned to fit and follow the body in all 360 degree movements experienced while training. Flat seams offer improved comfort. Ventilated ClimaCool® helps keep you dry and comfortable. Ribbed elastic waist with drawcord. 71% polyamide/29% spandex. 11" inseam. Imported.

The Adidas TechFit Prep Sleeveless Top is a sleeveless compression shirt, made of high stretch fabric. The black shirt is like a second skin and is made with flat seams for even more comfort. The shirt is made with ClimaCool to transport moisture away from the body and this top is worn as a base layer, underneath your regular outfit.

                                           These shorts are great for Hiking and Wading

When your training demands more than just tights, step up to the superior performance of adidas TECHFITPowerWEB Short Tights. Designed with multiple adidas technologies to improve your stability and posture, as well as CLIMALITE for hard-working moisture management.
29.5 cm inseam (size Med).
CLIMALITE fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin; FORMOTION actively supports your muscles for improved comfort and efficiency.
TECHFIT focuses your muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance.
PowerWEB actively supports muscles, boosting power output and energy efficiency.
Drawcord on flat waist; Flatlock seams reduce chafing and skin irritation.

The calf sleeves on the right are compression sleeves.  They are used during exercise.
The sleeves on the left are for recovery. They are worn after exercising.

Muscle recovery is critical to perform at your best consistently. The adidas compression sleeves offer powerful targeted compression and cooling to accelerate muscle recovery through an exclusive circular knit construction. These sleeves help protect against muscle fatigue and muscle soreness, essential to recovering and performing at full power in your next game. Engineered compression to promote circulation, stabilize your muscles & aid in recovery. ClimaCool mesh channels to reach and maintain optimal recovery temperature. Circular knit seamless construction for customized fit. 

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