Friday, April 19, 2013

Fly Fishing for carp in Central Park

Today I fished with Jay in Central Park.  Last week we got skunked but today was different.
Jay started without me and caught the first fish of the day.

A little while latter I caught my first carp of 2013.  I'm using the Peux Fulgor semi automatic
fly reel.  I hadn't adjust the drag but the reel is as smooth as silk.  No noise no fuss just very smooth
like a Swiss watch.

Jay caught the next fish.

We fished near the Bethesda fountain until the tourist began to show up.  We packed up
and walked to Wagner's Cove which is near by and as secluded as you can get in Central Park.

I caught another carp here.

Jay caught a carp.

Jay caught a carp.

I caught a carp.

Jay caught a rare Mirror carp, note the unusual scale pattern.

Jay catches a catfish, about 2 pounds.

Jay catches a carp

Jay catches a big carp.

Jay catches a catfish, again.

Jay catches another carp.

I caught this one.  We had a busy day.  Jay's largest carp was a 14 pounder.  My largest
fish was a 10 pounder.  Not a bad way to start the season!


  1. Not a bad way at all! good for you guys! I sometimes catch as many brown bullheads as anything. Those were yellows?


  2. no not yellow at all. they may be channel catfish

  3. NICE!
    Us left-coasters applaud you!
    Very very cool urban carpin'
    Online Team

  4. Yes fishing in NYC can be very good. most think we only have cars & sidewalks.