Sunday, May 12, 2013

Carp and Blue gill on the fly in Prospect Park

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I had some technical difficulties which my grand daughter corrected.

Steve another fishing buddy and I had set up a camp in a cove of Prospect Park Lake for the sole purpose
of luring carp into the area.  For most of the week we provided almost unlimited chum, corn and bread
free of charge to all carp and Koi.  By the end of the week, large Koi would take food from the lake surface.  However, neither of us chummed the fish on Saturday or Sunday.

 The weekend in Prospect Park is a frenzied time.  There are literally tens of thousands of visitors to the park of which a large number come to try and catch fish.  By the time the weekend warriors had left, the good relationship we had established with the carp had been destroyed.

Steve and I had offered these delicious carp dumplings, made from bread crumbs and corn and
lake water.

These tidbits simply dissolve in the water and spread and inviting scent with delectable fresh corn kernels.
across the lake bottom.  Allowing hungry carp, to enjoy at their leisure, a buffet of corn, bread and the usual morsels they find on the bottom of the lake.

This all changed and by Monday, the rapport we had developed with the fish had been destroyed
and there were no carp in the cove.  I was told that during the weekend others had taken our
honey hole and spooked the koi and carp out of this place of calm and tranquility.

So on Monday we were left with fishing for Bluegill using # 14 soft Hackle flies in orange.
I have caught a few carp using this fly under an indicator.  Normally the koi and carp leave this part of the lake sometime in early May.  We will try to re establish this carp feeding area.

The fly rod is a rare Yellow Fenwick, 7 wt  fiberglass rod.  It is only 6' 10" long and has 3 pieces.
I bought this rod online from a Japanese vendor.  It is designed for bass fishing using big flies.

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