Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Island Carp

Went to a different pond.  This one is in Lindenhurst, Long Island.  It is small but I saw a few
feeding carp along the shore line.

The pond has an aerator which is unusual for the New York ponds that I fish.  But it means
the water will have less algae when the summer heat arrives.

Aerator working at Feller's Pond

Looking north

After I left the pond I traveled to nearby Argyle lake in Babylon, New York.  I have fished Argyle
a number of times

There are three bodies of water in this area.  The main lake which is stocked with trout
and two smaller ponds south and west of the lake.  I caught a koi here a few years ago.
I like to fish in the smaller ponds because it allows sight fishing.

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