Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fantail Carp caught in Central Park

"Two rod" Jay caught another rare carp last Friday.  This time he hooked a fan tail carp.
In 2011 I caught a carp like this in December.  This one weighed in at about eight pounds.

Here is another view note the fins are elongated too.

Jay tried to display the beautiful tail; reminds me of the tail of a Goldfish.

I managed to catch this eleven pound common carp, later in the day.  I used my Yellow
Fenwick ( "Floater Bum" almost two meters long - 7 wt fiberglass fly rod).  The rod is made for the Asian market.  I got it from Japan.  It is a great 3 piece rod.

Here is the carp I caught as it is lifted by net from the lake.  I was really glad I used the 7 wt
rod.  It made the fight with the carp easier. 

A male and female duck looking for bread.  Sorry it is against the law to feed waterfowl in the park.


  1. What a cool fish Bill! Nice one of yours as well. It is illegal to feed ducks in our parks, signs ask you not to as tame wildfowl spread disease to wild migrants. Does no good. Can make carpin easy, but I would just as soon feed the homeless with them, and urban geese.


  2. recently the department of agriculture capture 400 canada geese because not only are they a health issue but they were near JFK airport. their numbers posed a flight hazard to planes taking off & landing. In central Park, border collies are used to keep the geese moving.