Friday, July 11, 2014


In keeping with my plan to try to fish more rivers this summer, I went to the Hutchinson River
These are two of the reservoirs were the river's water is collected by the county of Westchester.

You are looking at a picture of Reservoir #3

Shoreline of #3

Look at what I spotted in the reservoir.  This orange and white koi is well over a meter in length!

looking north on the west side

Reservoir #2

Reservoir #2

Reservoir #2

The Hutchinson River is a freshwater stream located in Southern Westchester County, New York. The river forms in Scarsdale at Brookline Road and flows 10 miles (16 km) south until it empties into Eastchester Bay in the New York City borough of the Bronx. The river serves as the boundaries of Scarsdale and New Rochelle, New Rochelle and Eastchester, and Mount Vernon and Pelham.[2]
The river is named for Anne Hutchinson, who came from Rhode Island in 1642 and settled on Pelham Neck to the east of the river, across from where Co-op City is now. She was murdered by a group of Indians the following year.[3]
The New Rochelle Water Company dammed the Hutchinson River in 1886 and 1907, to create three reservoirs at the northern end of the community. The Westchester County Park Commission purchased the reservoirs and the surrounding water shed property in 1927, for parkland and parkway purposes.[4] A part of the land was used for the Hutchinson River Parkway, which follows the river for most of its distance.

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