Thursday, July 10, 2014

JMC OZONE Semi Automatic Fly Reel

After waiting six months, The Ozone finally arrived but without any instructions!  I sent a few e-mails
and after about a week I got a call from the distribution center.

Their position is that this is a standard semi automatic fly reel so no instruction book or page should be needed.  I explained that I own most of the semi automatic fly reels and each is unique.

After talking for a few minutes I had the information I needed to be able to put my fly line on the spool
The spool can be removed by turning the screw on the front of the spool.  I was cautioned not to use a screw driver to do this but to use an American quarter of a dollar coin.  The threads are French so you need to remind yourself that the screw turns the opposite of what Americans normally do.

The thing that made me want to own this reel is that it is skeletonized  as you can see in
the above picture.  It comes in with a weight of about 130 grams.

The inside of the spool

The outside of the spool

Fly reel Ozone JMC.

Made of anodised aluminum billet, this anti-reverse semi-automatic reel offers outstanding qualities. It has a real brake system Teflon discs with micrometric adjustment. This allows the use of low peaks of particularly fine line without risk of breakage. Foot position on the cage of the reel has been optimized to provide maximum fishing comfort. The trigger system allows quick and neat recovery silk. The materials used to manufacture the reel Ozone make it a product that is both lightweight and highly reliable.

Width: 35 mm
Coil Width: 20 mm
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized and champagne
Brake: Micrometer Teflon
Coil: Large arbor
Reversible: Right / left
Case: Carrying case

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