Monday, August 26, 2019

no name Fiberglass fly rod

Another hot humid afternoon, trying to catch fish.  Besides the carp I've caught this summer,
I have not caught fish larger than the blue gill pictured.

I fished a fiberglass rod I picked up on Ebay a few years back.  It is a 7' 6", 3 piece
4/5 wt fly rod and it sold for less than twenty dollars, new.  I also got the sister rod that same
season.  It is a 3/4 wt, 3 piece, 7'6" fly rod.

Actually, I am testing the Maxcatch "automatic fly reel".

Most of my fishing time this afternoon was devoted to trying to adjust the drag on this reel.

Trying to figure out if there is too much drag or just enough is tedious; especially since the
reel arrived with no instructions.

I can't get over at how much this real looks like the Franco Vivarelli Goldstar semi automatic
fly reel.

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