Saturday, August 31, 2019

Carp on Fenwick 535

I was still annoyed about Dennis and I being skunked a few days ago. So I returned alone
with an entirely different strategy.  I brought different flies and I planned to not use any
dog food as chum.  Carp have feeding patterns which they follow and I planned to
take advantage of their behavior.

The carp did not follow the behavior I expected but I took a chance and fished a pellet
fly in an area near the aerator in the lake.  More than thirty minutes past without any
sign of carp.  I sat on a bench near the edge of the lake and waited some more. 

Suddenly, the rod was yanked from my hand and was being dragged by the fly line
toward the lake.  I instinctively dove for the rod's handle.  I was on my hands and knees.
The rod was just inches from going into the lake.  My Fenwick, my Fenwick was all I was thinking to myself.  Somehow, I got hold of the rod.  My thoughts turned to the carp that had tried to
steal my rod.  The new reel didn't function the way I had hoped.  The drag simply S U C K E D.
I need to try to adjust the drag more.  It is not easy working with no instructions!

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