Friday, October 22, 2010

The beginning of the end

I went to Passaic, New Jersey this afternoon for some end of the carp season fly fishing. When we arrived it was 47 F with a wind chill factor of 37F! It felt like it was going to be a l o n g day. But after 1:00pm the clouds blew away, the sun shined brightly and the gusts of wind stopped. As if by magic the carp appeared and started to feed.

Dennis drew first blood with a #12 deer hair fly. A while later I caught a carp, my first since Sunday. Until today, I had been unable to catch a carp all week. I had been skunked at Central Park Lake, Golden Pond and Bowne Pond. When the bite stopped we moved to the deeper part of the lake to fish.

As dusk appeared Dennis had 3 and I had 2. I moved back to the shallow end of the lake where I saw more carp feeding. I made a cast and watched as the fly line began to slink away and across the lake. Fish on.

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