Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loft Pond

Made my first trip into Nassau county for the season. I had read that Loft pond had carp so I took the Long Island Rail Road to Baldwin, New York. The pond look just like it appeared on Google maps, almost "L" shaped. It has lots of lily pads. As I walked the shore line I looked for signs of fish activity. In the northwest corner I saw a carp moving slowly towards the lily pads.

Other than a small carp on the east side of the pond, I didn't see much activity. I began chumming the areas where I saw carp on patrol and waited. but I was unable to get the carp active and feeding.

I switched flies and started to fish for panfish that might be lurking under the pads. sure enough a pocket size bass took my fly. My only fish of the afternoon.

This is nearby Milburn pond in Baldwin, New York. There are too many Canada geese here for me to want to return here to fish but maybe it will look more inviting next spring.

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