Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prospect Park this afternoon

It has rained for several days in a row. Today it finally stopped and I picked out an old Fenwick fiberglass fly rod from my closet.

A view from the south shore of the lake.

Due to the recent rain, water levels are back to normal and fishing should be good for the remainder of the season.

I was fishing streamers this afternoon. The fly I used was a #12 black marabou. It is a fly I've used with great success for a number of years. In the water it resembles a small minnow that is swimming erratically.

I actually hooked six crappie but only landed two; these were big crappie.
Crappie love streamers like woolie buggers, zonkers, cat's whiskers and nymphs.

I landed a nice size BG and a small bass.

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