Monday, October 25, 2010

Main land fly fishing in The Bronx

Van Cortlandt Lake

I went to Van Cortlandt Park today and fished in Van Cortlandt Lake. It took a few fly changes to determine what fly the fish would take. But of all the flies I used it was the old standard, a Bead Head Prince that took the most fish.


The Bronx is the only county of the five counties which make up New York City that is part of the United States main land.

Yellow Perch

I had planned to fish for carp but I discovered that my carpin tools had been left out of my back pack. My goal is to be the first person to catch carp on a fly rod in all five New York City counties.

Yellow Perch

I'm always surprised and happy to catch yellow perch. Perch like cooler weather and are somewhat elusive. Today I caught 3! I've caught a total of 6 this year so far.


Bluegills were the most active fish today but these were the BGs that are less than 5 inches long. They are zealous when it comes to taking flies. Often they beat the mature bigger fish in the area to what is available to eat.


  1. I enjoyed your pictures and reading the blog, I am only sorry that I didn't see it all before now. I got back into fishing last spring when I caught the bug after nearly twenty years. I chose an ultralight spinning rig, selected a few lures and braided line. I managed to catch a yellow perch on my very first cast! I didn't catch another one for the rest of the summer, but the bluegills and crappie were plentiful. I was hoping for a bass, but they just looked at me. It is almost warm enough to get back out there so I am taking a look around the web to see what's new. That's how I found this blog. I will bookmark it for future reading.

  2. Hi william,

    Great pics. I grew up in the Bronx (Parkchester) and have been fishing my whole life. I moved to Virginia right outside DC and have started my quest to find evry urban freshwater fishing spot here. I have fished the bronx river and only caught snapper.

    Where did you catch that pike? I would love to hit some freshwater spots in the bronx the next time I am up visiting my dad. If you don't feel comfortable posting where would you mind emailing me? Thanks!

  3. There are two lakes in the Bronx. one in Crotona
    Park and one in Van Cortlandt. The Bronx River can be fished for Largemouth bass, carp and catfish. The water is brackish below the Bronx Zoo; where stripers and blues can be caught when the tide is right.
    Pike are in the Passaic river.