Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I continued to look for and fish lakes in Westchester.  This one is near a High School.
There was almost no wind this afternoon.

This lake has panfish and carp.  I saw only one other person fishing.

There are lots of places for bass to ambush.

I walked to a nearby lake that has a similar makeup.  This smaller lake has a population
of very large carp and some nice bass.

I saw several koi while walking the shoreline.

The water is clear.  So sight fish is possible.  Fish were very active and could be seen jumping.

During my visit I saw only one other person fishing here.


  1. Bill,

    Good looking water, hope it is much the same after Sandy, and that you and yours are fine. Do you have winter hot spots, literaly, like outflow from a power plant, to fish during the colder months?


  2. In the winter I go cross country skiing and work out in the gym. I try to maintain & build my strength for the fishing season. most guys neglect to do this which eventually leads to an injury.
    I live about 5 miles from the ocean; so I did not experience flooding. My area never lost power but mass transit is still down due to the flooding of tunnels. Hopefully service will be restored by monday.