Saturday, October 27, 2012


A fellow I met on the Bronx River told me about places to fish in Westchester County.
They were all lakes so I "Googled" them and found they were all within walking distance
of the trains that service this area.

I made a wrong turn at first.  After realizing my mistake, I found the park where there
was fishing.  This is brackish water and the tide was out when I arrived.

i didn't see much of anything until I was about to leave the park.  That is when I saw
this Koi; nearly four feet long with about a dozen common carp around him.

I began to make a plan of attack.  The approach to this pool of water was steep and covered
by dead leaves.  This made my decent slippery but I was determined to get close to this
"Moby Dick".  

I had two things working in my favor, I was a Boy Scout and I ski.  Once I got down
the steep bank, I set up my rod and began trying to catch this monster fish.

I tried several flies, none worked.  As I tried to figure out what to do next, the tide began
to come back into this area.  In minutes,it seem the pool was covered with dead leaves
and other floating debris.

Since I had to return to New York City early, I accepted defeat for this day and put
my equipment in my pack and walked back to the train station.

There are bass here too.  I shall return.

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