Saturday, October 20, 2012

On the bottom

It was windy and carp were hard to see in the off color water.  I noticed a few carp
tailing in water less than two feet deep.

In a situation like this I try to put my fly among the feeding fish.  If you do not spook them
carp may take your offering.  Presentation is extremely important.

there are at least two tails showing in the middle of this picture.  Notice how close they
are to the lake's edge.

Here a swirl is created in the water by the carp

A double swirl

I did hook a big one.  It headed south across the lake and then turned east down the
the lake.  I ran along the lake edge to keep the distance between the carp and myself the
same.  I never lost any backing but I could see it.  I 've used this tactic for awhile now
It allows the carp to make that long powerful first run.  This first is nearly impossible to
stop.  Except for large carp, if you can withstand the first run you will probably land the fish.
I lost this fish when my 8 pound tippet snapped.

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