Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still catching carp

I went to New Jersey for some carp.  The weather was warm but the wind was gusting
to twenty miles per hour.  I fished the shallow end of the lake.

I chum and they come until a fellow shows up with a remote controlled boat.  This caused
the carp to vanish and the geese to leave the water for the safety of the shore.  After watching
this motor boat cruise through the area where I had chummed; I asked  the fellow with the
boat to move his boat to the far end of the lake.  I told  he might be able to scare the fish
back to where I stood!

I did end the day on a good note.  This carp nearly got to my backing.  There is nothing
like the zing of a fly reel when a carp is on the other end.


  1. Hi Bill,

    Those boats and people who throw sticks for their dogs, they all should know better! Pretty fish there.


  2. most of the lakes here don't allow swimming.