Friday, October 5, 2012

We ran out of Day light

My fishing buddy Chris getting his Tenkara gear ready for some carp fishing.  Yeah I said
Tenkara, the minimalist form of fly fishing; no reel, no backing either. 

Chris and I decided to walk the Bronx River from North White Plans down to the town
of Hartsdale.  At Hartsdale we found this small pond which has at least one orange Koi.
It also has bass and appears to have a few carp.

Another view of the Hartsdale pond.

Waterfall at the end of the pond.  I expect to return here in the spring and do some further
exploration of these waters.

another long quiet pool on the Bronx River.

This is the pond we found in North White Plains.  Most parts can be waded as the bottom
is sandy.

The pond is surrounded by brush except in a few openings.  According to the locals
bass and carp are the targets.

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