Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Central Park at Loeb Lake

I met "Two Rods" (Jay) at Loeb Lake in Central Park today.

It didn't look good as there were turtles swimming everywhere.  We started fishing near the restaurant.
Jay saw a large carp that was sipping from the lake surface.  Jay cast towards the fish and was soon watching his line stretch across the lake.

After a long, tug of war battle I was able to net the fish for Jay.  It weighed in at 8 kilos; his largest carp ever!

For the next thirty minutes, we saw nothing.  Carp can release a hormone which can stop fish
from feeding when they are stressed but we discovered that a very large snapping turtle had entered
the area.  In New York City lakes, snapping turtles can be more than 75 cm wide!   Jay and I were
stressed and we were on shore.  We moved on to another place where carp hold.  Fish were feeding
Jay hooked another double digit carp.  This time the battle was not as  fierce.  My large net brought an end
to the carp's struggle and a group of tourist cheered what they had witnessed.

All together we pulled a little more than 23 kilos of carp from the lake, between us.

 I used my 7 weight, 3 piece, 6 feet, 10 inch Fenwick Floater Bum fiberglass fly rod.  I matched it with
my ATP 37 semi automatic fly reel.

My first carp of 2014.
And Jay caught this fan tail goldfish too.

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