Thursday, May 15, 2014


I took the Long Island Rail Road to Wantagh Long Island, to fish the Mill Pond.  This was
my first time traveling there to fish.  There are several other lakes and ponds in Wantagh.

There is no "catch and release" here.  On Long Island you can keep and eat what you catch.
 Check out the fishing rules for this fishery.

This pond has pickerel and yellow perch as the main draw for fishing here.  Crappie
are here too.

There are Lilly pads covering the surface.  A great place for fishing your weedless flies.

I took my time walking around the entire pond.  I think waders are the thing to bring to fish here.
The bottom of the pond is sand and gravel.  There appears to be no decaying matter
 on the bottom of the pond to cause you feet to become trapped in muck.

 It is about a meter in depth so there are no holes to trip on or sink into.

I thought I saw a carp cruising near the shore line but I am not certain.

Next time I fish here I will bring my waders to wear and see what is really in this pond.

 I expect to fish the other fisheries here in Wantagh soon.

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