Saturday, May 12, 2018

Carp on a pop up in Prospect Park

It was 92F when I arrived at the lake this afternoon.  Turtles were everywhere.  There was an empty
"wonder bread" wrapper on the ground.  I did not see any koi or carp in the area.  I put some of the chum in the place I wanted to fish and waited.

The "pop up" I used was set at 4 inches above the bottom of the lake.  Every twenty minutes ,
I moved the "pop up" to a place inside my chum zone.  The turtles took a liking to the rubber corn.
I actually had to remove hooks from their mouths, twice.

But It finally happened; a carp I never saw took my fake corn.  It quickly ran west across
the lake.  The reel screamed as my spool of line shrank.  My fiberglass rod looked to be in stress
mode as it formed the letter "C".  I began to control the carp by walking back and forth.  This seems to be an easy way to tire the carp.  Try it the next time you get a big fish.

My seven weight, six foot ten inches, three piece, Fenwick Floater Bum, fiberglass fly rod.
with a Franco Vivarelli Semi automatic Gold Star fly reel.  It is loaded with Rio In Touch Single
Handed Fly Line designed for single hand spey casting.

I was happy but tired after netting the fish. 

Next stop The Meer at 110th street in Central Park for carp.

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