Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Prospect Park - fishing for carp

Well, it's that time of year spring.  Time to try and catch spawning carp again.  This past
winter, I tried to get an early start on fishing for carp.  But there have been a few false starts to the fishing season.  Every time it looked like warmer weather was here to stay; a nor'easter storm
would change the weather.

I've chummed this spot several times during the winter.  Each time, after a few warm days,
the weather would go back into winter mode and a cold spell or nor'easter would come into
town and drop snow on New York City.

There have been no signs of carp in this spot, yet.  I'm working on blind faith that there are
carp feeding in the afternoon.  It is the warmest time of the day here in the spring.
As the pictures show, even the trees show few signs that winter is gone.  The only activity I see
are the ducks getting ready to mate and lay their eggs in a few weeks.

The current forecasts is for five days of warm weather; with air temperatures above 50 degrees.
I hope the water heats up as well.

Remember the early bird catches the worm.

Early signs that the weather is changing.

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