Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bass on a fly

I couldn't resist going up to Westchester to fish for carp again.   Carp are suspending
just below the surface.  Many others are burrowing in the silt clouding the water's

The Bronx River has fish and lots of carp.   Look at these young carp holding in the river.

There must be at least a dozen carp holding still in the river.

more carp suspending and waiting to begin eating

This is a really big carp swimming by.  My camera is not able to cut the sun's glare
to show that this fish is more than 36 inches long.

My first bass since I started fishing in Westchester.  Note how wide this fellow is not
like the bass found in most lakes.  I caught him on a small streamer pattern.

This is a young carp.  There are lots of carp that are less than 24 inches long here.

My second carp of the afternoon.


  1. Bill,

    That Bronx R. is an interesting one. Lots of history surrounds it also, that also makes it interesting to me. Those carp were finely scaled, pretty. 36" carp would be a monster, maybe you'll get lucky.


  2. Gregg,
    Today I completed walking the River from North White Plains to Hartsdale. I only found two spots worth fishing again.