Sunday, May 3, 2015

Soft Hackle fly fishing

I have been chumming the lake in Prospect Park for carp every afternoon.
After I chum I leave the area and fish for panfish.  This afternoon I caught this rather large
bluegill ( about 8 inches) on #12 soft hackle.  Fishing is slow until the fish become active after 5:00 o'clock

Different parts of the lake produce different fish.

These fish were caught in the area where the carp will spawn in a few days.

On the Lullwater I came upon these two koi sunning themselves under a fallen tree.

Here is a clear shot of a big koi, taking in the sun .  The air temperature was more than 75F.

Nearby bluegill and crappie suspended in the warm sunlight.

Cherry blossoms

Tulips up close and personal

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