Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fly Fishing in Brooklyn

Caught a number of golden shiners this afternoon.  I used a fiberglass fly rod and a Franco
Vivarelli fly reel but the key was a # 12 soft hackle  fly.  Golden Shiner have small mouths for their size and any hook larger than #12 is too big for their little mouths.

They seem to be most active in the spring and fall near the boat house in Prospect Park.  I've developed a technique for keeping them on the hook when I'm fishing for them.  I keep my rod tip down in the water until just my leader and tippet are outside of the rod tip.

If I rise the rod tip before the fly line is inside of the rod tip the shiners manage to slip themselves off the hook.  I don't know why that happens but it does when I fish for them.

I also caught a few Bluegills on the same fly , an orange #12 soft Hackle.

A couple of small crappie  too.

I moved around the area and caught many fish this afternoon using the same fly until it was frazzled

Springtime in the Lullwater area.

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