Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A quickie

I returned to the Bronx River this afternoon.  I had to fish quickly.  I had to be back
in Brooklyn for an appointment.  I walked the river looking for more places to fish.

I found several new spots that had bass and carp.    the more I learn about this river
the more I find to like about the Bronx River.

Another plus is the fact that parts of the river are only a thirty minute ride from Times

It took me an hour to walk to the area where Dennis and I had fished Sunday.
This time I decided to try the north side.  On my first visit here I noticed that carp
were actively feeding on this side.  However the bigger carp patrol the south shore.

The five piece six weight was chosen for today.  It is rod I bought on e bay for less
than $50.00.

This is a rarity a black squirrel.  I have seen black squirrels in the Bronx but in Prospect
Park there is only one.  In Brooklyn gray squirrels are the norm.

Two carp cruising the north side.

This photo does not clearly show that there are a number of small carp to the right
of the protruding tree branch.


  1. Nice water Bill! Intimate, I like that.


  2. so far I've seen only a few children fishing here.

  3. How late into the autumn are carp active? I have a new rod I would like to try.

    Fished the Bronx River twice, once near Bronxville, where I caught a couple sunfish, once near N. White Plains where I caught a few sunnies and a bass. Time for some big game!

  4. Chris, send me an e-mail: I fish for carp until mid December.