Saturday, September 22, 2012


Dennis and I went to the Hackensack River.  We hoped to find carp on the flats of
the river near Teaneck, New Jersey.

I had visited this part of the river a year ago.  I saw numerous signs that carp were here.

I also discovered a small pond called "Indian Pond".  This pond, according to reports has both Small and Large mouth bass in addition to a variety of other fish.

We fished here for awhile but got not one bite.  The tide on the adjacent Hackensack river,
 by this time, had gone out and even the carp were gone too.

Here is a path that separates the river from the pond

The Flat as the tide is leaving the shore.

 A map of the Hackensack River and the park

A tailing carp on the Hackensack River

Local wild life in the park

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