Saturday, September 8, 2012

Argyle Lake

I took my new eleven foot rod for some testing at Argyle Lake.  It is a four piece
six weight with a fighting butt.  The test would be if I could catch carp with this rod.
How would it handle a carp attack?

Argyle lake is unique.  It is a fresh water fishery that empties into Jamaica Bay.
Pictured above is an overflow pool.  Water from  the lake spills over into this area
where it mixes with water from the Bay.  In this pool are very large carp and fish
from Jamaica Bay.

Looking North at Argyle Lake.  The lake holds Large mouth bass, carp, pickerel
and trout.

This park holds the lake and 3 smaller pools of water.  Here looking west you can see
one of the pools on the left.

This pool has a Koi which I caught about 2 years ago during a thunder storm.

Just south of the the pool pictured above is a second pool.  It is smaller than the first
pool.  There are bass blue gills and carp in this pool.

Looking north east at Argyle Lake.  In the distance is the Long Island Rail Road.

Looking South at pool #1

Across the street from the park is a marina.  I have crossed this street on a sunny day
 and caught snappers.  Stripers come into this area late at night.

Please forgive the poor quality of  my photo but this is my friend's very first carp
on a fly rod.  This carp took him into the backing and then some.  Fighting a
five pound carp for the first time is something fly fishers need to experience.  Fishing for
carp with a fly rod requires PATIENCE, stealth, skill and a dash of good luck.

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