Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dahnerts carp

The last time I was at this lake, I caught a nice bass. The thing I remember the most about
being here was that I had to walk to the next town in order to get a bus back to New York.

  Besides the carp and bass that live here there are panfish and trout.  Carp seem to hold
 in the north part of the lake.  It was breezy and overcast as a storm approached.
Not a day to be hopeful about catching a fish. I lost the first carp I hooked.  It straightened
 the #8 Hook I used!  So there are big ones here.

I came upon this bumble bee dancing from flower to flower as I looked for signs of feeding

I found an open space that was close to the water.  

A gazebo sits almost in the center of the lake.  On a sunny day minnows and fry congregate
at the base of the gazebo.

Before I arrived at the lake I found an eastside access to the Passaic river.  The tide was moving
out of this tidal access point but there were signs that others had fished here.

I suspect there are bass, carp and northern pike below the surface.

Looking south west on the Passaic River

Where I came from and where I will return.  New Jersey Transit Train Tracks,

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