Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fishing in Roslyn, New York

I heard about this place from another fly fisher.  But the tip failed to warn me about the
number of rabbits,

I photographed two but rabbits were everywhere in this park.  It was almost like they
were waiting for me to take their picture

The first pond seemed to have no fish but lots of frogs.  This photo was taken looking south.

This photo was taken in Gerry Park.  A good number of carp are in this pond.  It
is a good place to sight fish.

This is Roslyn Pond I saw a number of carp here but there is limited access and the pond
bottom is nothing but rotting vegetation.  Wade at you own peril!

This part of the pond is inaccessible.

Private homes also limit access.

It is not rain but carp that caused the rings on the surface.

The pond showed evidence of  algae in many parts. 

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