Friday, August 23, 2013

Duck Pond Fishing

This is the most obscure place to fish that I have been to in the ten years I have been fly fishing.

There are no signs to guide you to  this destination.  In fact the only indication that you have
arrived at Duck Pond is an old train caboose.

If it had not been for the Google Satellite photo, I would not have believed Duck Pond
existed at all.

It is like an oasis in the middle of an industrial parks.  On all sides it is surrounded by factories
and offices.

These train tracks are parallel to the west side of the 3 acre pond. At the end of the tracks is a
red caboose.

 The caboose

I did manage to catch this Bluegill late in the afternoon.  I saw fish jumping in the center of the
pond too.

There are sunfish,catfish, bass and carp here.

While it took me a awhile to find this pond; it was a quiet, pleasant place to spend a summer

I saw several of these green apple trees and it made me think of an old ballad " Little Green Apples".

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