Tuesday, June 22, 2010

carp on a 3wt

About a week ago I went to New Jersey to fly fish for carp. Today I went back and fished another carp place in New Jersey. When I arrived carp were feeding under a water fall. I set up my rod and tied on a #10 deer hair fly. This was a small pool I was fishing and I positioned myself at the end of the pool so that I could control the fight. Advantage Bill. When the carp took my offering I was relaxed and let the fish think that he could get away. He ran, turned, pulled and did all the tricks except tail walk. My little 3 wt was bending. I applied pressure and after twenty minutes the carp was slowing down. I thought, I might land this one. So far this year, the closest I had come to touching a carp was the scale of a carp stuck to my fly after a long distance release! Fighting carp requires patience and fearlessness. If you have fear about the power of the carp you will lose. If you rush the carp he, the carp, will win.

Of all the fish I target, I enjoy fishing for carp the most. To fish for carp you must be mentally ready for what the carp does, the long powerful runs. The endurance of the carp; even the little ones will put you and your equipment under stress. You do not really fish for carp. You stalk them. You don't cast your fly to a carp. You target a carp. Carp do not chase flies like other fish. So your cast to a carp must be accurate.

Carp fishing, using a fly rod reminds me of when I studied Judo. Judo, the gentle way, teaches you to use you opponents power to defeat him. I never try to fight the power of a carp.

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