Friday, June 18, 2010


I was on Jamaica Bay this morning trying to catch fluke with a clouser fly. Bunker seem to be scarce due to the demand for omega 3 oil which is obtained from The menhaden (Brevoortia) or simply bunker to the fishermen, is one of the most important fish in the bay. Besides being an important bait fish for fishermen, menhaden FPC (fish protein concentrate) is an important food additive for chickens and other farm animals. Menhaden oil is used for a great variety of products like margarine, crayons, paint and other oil-based products. Even the scales can be used as glitter in paint and cosmetics. Commercial fishers have the ability to pick up entire schools of Bunker; removing the diet staple of game fish along the east coast.
As a result Stripe Bass and Bluefish are hard to locate during the day. It was a great time to be on the water. But I and my friend Andy were SKUNKED.

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  1. I went to Jamaica Bay for a early morning sesion today. Early means first light, about 5 AM..
    I took out the canoe, and rigged for Striped Bass,Bluefish. The air was fresh, as the wind shifted to the
    north, and broke the heat wave. The water at Paedergat Basin was unusually clean, as it has been
    for this whole summer. I belive the DEP is behaving themselves, by not breaking any laws....
    they have not released any sewage this year. It was really pretty out there today. I trolled my line as
    I paddled to the bridge, dragging a Storm Wild Eye Bunker lure. These allways work in the bay.
    The tide was perfect, incoming for high tide at 8 AM, and I am out at 6AM...two hours ahead of the
    high tide, a north wind, should be perfect conditions for fish. I got to the bridge and not one hit yet.
    I paddled under the bridge, nothing. No bunker. I paddled past the bridge, a hit...but no fish.
    After drifting to a real pretty sunrise, I got not one hit, not one bunker jumped...but the water was
    clean and beautyful. I returned to the dock as I trolled all the way, and no hits...

    Conclusion: The fish are there, I am just not throwing them what they want. I will break down and
    resort to real bait next time: spearing, or squid, maybe clams to get the fish to bite.