Friday, June 25, 2010

These are the tools of the trade for me when I go fishing for Northern Pike. Flies, forceps, pliers, Boca grip, March Brown Fly Rod(8 wt, 6 pc, 9') and the ATP 37 semi automatic fly reel. In the lower left corner are a few carp flies, just in case. I got my only hit on a black leach pattern. I did see the fish as he rolled on my fly and I felt the pull of a strong fish but the hook did not set.
I covered the entire bank of the river that I was able to fish. So I switched to plan B or in this case plan C for carp. I re rigged my 8 wt for some surface feeding carp. Changed my leader, put away the 80lb shock tippet and opened the box of carp things. Lets see now, dog biscuit flies, woolie buggers, deer hair, elk hair caddis, glo bugs, wax worm flies and something that looks like a Q- tip with an afro. I decided on the deer hair fly. The carp were eating what seem to be bits of plants. I Cast, I Saw, I Carped. Fish on. Now I'm in a slow jog as I run down the river bank to keep up with the carp. He is moving but this is not my first carp. I allowed the fish to run about fifty yards before I applied my tactics. Pump the rod, take back the line, pump some more. An 8 wt rod is over kill for a carp this size.

Great day on the Passaic river.

Carp on deer hair fly

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