Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sport Training

It was hot today so I headed over to the NY Sports Club for some cardio and weight training. I 've been a member since 1983. I think that not enough fly fishers spend time in the gym. Wading, casting, hiking in, climbing over things in order to get to where the fish live is stressful. Each year you get older and after a certain number of years, you will begin to see a loss in what you can do; if you do nothing to maintain what you have. The reason I'm able to fish with people half my age and not hurt the next day is I try to maintain a certain level of fitness. Each fall I begin a strength program along with cardio work. I switch between free weights and machines depending on how I feel. I can spend a hour or more on a spin cycle, stair master or tread mill. Hey, I was an endurance athlete and I really like cardio. I end each gym session with some stretching, legs and upper body. The only thing I no longer do are intervals. I feel that fly fishing is an aerobic sport and requires conditioning if I intend to do it for a long time. During the winter I cross country ski & swim. This maintains my aerobic base and allows me to hike in anywhere I want to fish during the season.

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