Monday, June 14, 2010

This evening I plan to throw a few boilies into Prospect Park lake. My plan is to bring in close to shore the big carp that live in the lake. There are carp here that approach fifty pounds! I don't need to catch a fifty pound carp; I'll settle for a twenty, right now. This is a long process. Each evening after dark the small carp come in to tail near the shoreline of the lake. I'm trying to change the feeding pattern of the big carp.

When I arrived at the lake this evening the lake was calm, almost mirror like. I fished an area on the north shore of the lake with one of my new flies. It wasn't long before I felt a strong tug. A few hand strips and I saw one of the wild crappie of the lake. After the sun set I began seeding the west side of the lake with carp boilies. If I seed before sunset the geese try to eat the boilies. I'll know in week or so if my plan has worked.

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