Friday, September 23, 2011

first carp of the fall

The forecast called for showers first and heavy
rain in the afternoon. I arrived at Central Park
before 10:00am.

I put out some corn pellets and waited for signs
of feeding carp. Carp can become active when
it starts to rain

For an hour I saw almost nothing. In keeping
with my policy of repositioning my fly; I recast
and put my fly in a different part of my swim.

It was almost noon when my line moved, slowly.
There was some hesitation then a run but not
a typical "carp" run. I thought it was a catfish.
I was fishing a Fenwick 7'6", 6wt rod which helped
me control this carp. It took awhile to put this
fish on the Boca grip and I was surprise at how
hard a fish for this size fought. All the while it
P O U R E D!

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